Saint Spyridon Greek Orthodox Church is a hidden gem of artistic beauty located in upper Manhattan. The Basilica walls and ceiling are covered with beautiful icons and murals which sadly, have severely deteriorated over the years. St. Spyridon desperately needed to raise money for their multi-million dollar restoration campaign. First order of business? We named the fund and created a logo. Then we hired photographer Kent Hanson and the magic began. This campaign raised enough money to begin the next phase of restoration.


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The booklet

The booklet was the centerpiece of the campaign. St. Spyridon wanted to create a kind of “art book” to send to it’s target donors. Messaging was created that expressed the dire need to the congregation. For grant purposes, the booklet needed to document the damage and restoration process thus the content served a dual fundraising purpose.

Many of the people who donated to the fund were long time congregants who had moved out of the changing neighborhood. With this timeline, we are attempting to trigger memories and connections.

Here we show and describe the damage.

This is the plan for restoration which includes sketches, a model, and a before and projected after picture.

This spread was created to explain the process of iconography–how the icons are made and the connection to spiritual practice.

We used a few full page photos in the booklet to remind donors of the beauty and to try to tug at their heart strings.