Small World Pet Sitters LOVES your pet (almost as much as you do). SWPS is co-owned by Ann Simkins, a Brooklyn based photographer, who takes a portrait of every single pet she cares for. There are over 500 portraits in her collection so we had plenty of great images to choose from for this site. Employees are encouraged take photos on their pet visits too.



Put that logo everywhere!

Small World Pet Sitters are all about the swag! We designed two versions of the logo so we could get it stitched onto anything the owners wanted. With this kind of local business (they are out and about all the time), the logo is a walking billboard. We even made tote bags to give to clients.


Icons for social media and website


Photo library

There is no need for Image Swim to create a photo library when your client is a accomplished photographer. This photo library was a joy to work with.