Love Every Minute Every Mile is a website that focuses on running as a vehicle for creativity and personal transformation. It is a site in progress and was created for a marathon runner to explore her ideas. Eventually she would like to coach other runners and help them to love every minute every mile in life, and on a run.



Hand drawn logo

The client wanted a “unique and creative” feel so all of the elements were drawn and painted and translated into graphics.

The drawing as a visual starting point

This drawing was inspired by an essay written by the client and is being used as a kind of vision board and is the basis for the site imagery. It will be used to create future visual content.

Snow or rain the runner goes on

The grass grows under the runner’s feet


A lovely cloud filled day

Sharable social media images

Illustration was created for the website, social media, and to sell as prints. Quotes will be added to artwork that will be pulled from the website’s written content.

T shirts