A logo is an important part of your overall brand. It identifies your business using a simple visual mark or icon. The logo is always the first thing we design when developing a website or print materials as it becomes a guide for the rest of your visual identity. This starting point, along with a clear message of who you are, is the basis for creating your brand.

Inspired Earth

Inspired Earth is a website about sustainability.


Organization specializes in architecture for interiors. The lead architect has is inspired by texture and materials therefore we created a series of marks that could be used interchangeably with the logo.

Janine Strenta Bodywork

Janine works with energy and massage and wanted her logo to symbolize the unique atmosphere of her bodywork sessions. This logo was created after we wrote the content for her website as we needed to clarify what she does. Watercolor felt right and the use of sacred geometry gave this “etheric atmosphere” the idea of structure.

Perfect Pet Spa

Lichtenstein Real Estate

Lichtenstein Real Estate works exclusively out of New York City. We used the squares to give the idea of city block and skyscrapers.

Zarbo Five Families

Logo for five siblings from Sicily.


Brooklyn Stitchery




Do Art

Joanie World

Love Every Minute Every Mile


Michael Abrahams, MD


Small World Pet Sitters


Steve Light


Icons for the New York City Department of Education


Icons for original Image Swim brand

Icons for Brooklyn Stitchery