Brooklyn Stitchery is a design studio, a classroom and a community center. When clothing designer and owner Catherine Petrosino decided to open her existing studio to the public to teach creative sewing and pattern making, she needed a strategy, a plan, a name, and a brand. Today, Brooklyn Stitchery teaches over 50+ students per month and hosts community and cross-promotional events.


Naming a business and logo design

First things first…we needed a name. Naming a business is a collaborative process. As a team we made lists upon lists, discussing what each name conveyed and if it was communicating the ‘right’ message. After hundreds of ideas, ‘Brooklyn Stitchery’ was the name we decided upon.


Happy Clients! Owner, Catherine and Studio Manager, Gina takes selfies in front of their new signage!

Brooklyn Stitchery saw a dramatic difference in foot traffic from the branded signage alone….walk-ins increased 100% when we launched the new brand.

Business cards



Website and digital banners

Email marketing

Brooklyn Stitchery uses email marketing software to keep enrolled students updated on new classes and announce events. Although Brooklyn Stitchery has permanent staff, they host visiting professors from Pratt and F.I.T. so the classes they offer change often. Email is a great way to drive a new student to the website. Their email list is built through a sign-up form on their website, from walk-ins to their brick and mortar business and from sign-up sheets used at events. Employees are trained to use Mail Chimp and a photo library and graphics were created and uploaded to the Mail Chimp software.


Brooklyn Stitchery is a business that loves cross-promotional opportunities. When Brooklyn Stitchery partnered with Stand, a local arts organization, the studio space became an ideal art gallery. The exhibit was called A Thousand Threads and artists were asked to create work that related to the theme.

Opening night | Art hangs in the studio after the opening

Participating artists


Local newspaper advertising