Image Swim loves artists. We curate the work and create websites where the art is the star. We can work with you to develop plans and idea banks for blogs and content and help you write artist statements and bios. We design promotions and can train you how to manage your site and use email marketing software so you can show off your best work.

Artist’s logo and business cards

“Finding the hidden and abandoned relics that make up my work, is all part of the work. One cannot exist without the other.” This is a quote from collage artist Joanie Flickinger.

Postcards as relics 

Joanie works small and it is important to her that this comes through on her promotionals and upcoming website. These photos were taken in environments populated with her objects to give a sense of scale. The photos are a glimpse into her world of collecting “abandoned relics”.

Portfolio curation and website design


Children’s book illustrator and author Steve Light uses his website as a promotional platform to announce his latest books, collect reviews, media, video and award listings, and as an archive of all his published books.


Peter Wadsworth is an illustrator and reportage artist. He obsessively draws on his commute on NYC transit everyday and posts those drawings on a site called Passengers Project.



Heidi Lanino’s fine art portfolio site includes an active blog of press and exhibitions and an archive of work used to show her buyers what work is available for sale in her extensive catalog.