Increased our brand’s awareness…

“I really love everything that Jacque has designed for me – everything has a beautiful and professional feel! And the response that I have gotten from customers walking into the studio has verified this. Jacque transformed who we are into images and words. Customers understand what the business is about with just one look and comment on how beautiful the signage and other materials are. The website, business cards, postcards and email template all go hand in hand building my brand from the bottom up. I am grateful to Jacque for attending to every detail–my business felt like a success even before I had even opened my doors. Bravo!”

– Cathy Petrosino, Owner, Brooklyn Stitchery

Increase in patients…

“Jacqueline poured her heart into my creating my website. She most interestingly first interviewed me, to get a sense of my approach and commitment to medicine, and then organically converted it into a design that reflected my core message. She fully acquainted herself with my clinical specialty as we formed a team to develop content that captured my philosophy. She was open to my viewpoint, responded quickly to my concerns and questions and easily accepted criticism throughout the process. Most importantly, since my site launched I have seen an increase in patients! You will feel her passion and high quality standards as she helps you take the project from concept to design. Thank you JW.”

–  Michaels Abrahams, MD, FACOG, NCMP,

Understands visual language…

“As most Creative Directors in Advertising would agree, one of the most daunting tasks (even for the seasoned pro) is creating a personal website. How can I (very quickly) assemble work that’s a true reflection of my career? Will what I choose be good enough? Will it be easy to navigate?  Is it too dense / thin / funny / provocative? These are just a few of the conundrums that were solved with the help of Jacque Wadsworth.

Jacque, an artist in her own right, not only helped with the mechanics of assembling the site itself, but served as a critical eye when it came to the brass tacks of picking the best creative. In addition to her casual style and empathetic charm, her knowledge of the technical aspects of web development really took the stress out of having to deal with the leg work associated with creating a site. This in turn, let me focus my time and energy on developing new relationships while going through the interviewing process. As an added bonus, Jacque created a quick CMS reference guide to help flatten the learning curve. This was one of the most helpful bits as even the simplest sites can often be confusing.

In short, if you’re looking for someone to help you with your site who is patient, understanding, has an artist’s touch, and digital chops, look no further than Jacque Wadsworth.”

– Tom Jakab, SVP / Group Creative Director, Giant Creative Strategy

Elevated the project…

“…I have to say this is the best creative brief I have ever read…no kidding…no hype…no buttering up here…the truth…you took one visit to the Church…read some basic stuff from me…talked to me for five minutes…and CAPTURED THE ENTIRE ESSENCE OF THIS PROJECT…AND ELEVATED IT TO WHERE I COULD NOT DO IT JUSTICE…WOW! Seems to me the Saint himself is going to have a hand in our work and it is already showing…Seriously at first glance I WOULD NOT CHANGE A THING ON THIS! Thank you so much!”

– John P. Demoleas, VP for Development & External Affairs, Staten Island University Hospital and Director, The Saint Spyridon Legacy Fund

Increased our client base…

“I had contracted two others web developers before finding ImageSwim. It wasn’t that they couldn’t complete a website but neither had all the parts we needed to communicate our brand. Communication lacked with one and the other had technical skills but no taste or design sense. Jacque is the complete package. She not only knows branding, can help develop content, has technical skills but helped us with marketing strategy.

When we first met, Jacque took the time to get to know who we were and what we wanted. Her clarity and insight during the process helped us learn and see so much more about our business. I feel she truly “gets” us and understands how to communcate to our client base who we are.

The entire process was peaceful and smooth and a lot of the process felt like a true collaboration and since the website went live we have had more requests for service from new clients. Thank you Jacque!!!”

– Ann Simkins, Owner, Small World Pet Sitters

Clarity, communication and guidance…

“Developing a website, to me, felt like a daunting process. Then along came the gift of Jacque Wadsworth, designer. Jacque listened intently to my description and vision of what I wanted my website to convey in content, feeling, and style, and with each conversation she culled, honed and crystallized my ideas.  Then, she beautifully created a site that reflected what I had imagined.

Through the entire development and design process Jacque maintained a space of stability, clarity, and open communication all held in her warm and engaging manner. As a professional she kept me calm, on task, and provided insight and guidance. Her clear Creative and Content Brief outlined the step by step flow of the whole project providing me with the structure I needed to help me focus and know what to expect along the way.

Jacque not only brought to fruition a website that represents me and the work that I do, but it is beautiful, creative, well designed, and artfully balanced. People who visit my website tell me the site is peaceful and a pleasure to look at. That is pure success for a website! Design is Jacque’s craft and she is a master crafter.”

– Janine Stenta, Massage Therapist and Professor, Swedish Institute

A professional who delivers…

“Jacque Wadsworth is an amazing designer and person. She is extremely professional and insightful. She not only can design something fantastic for you but is a joy to work with. Her positive energy and knowledge of art and design make her a pleasure to be around. Put your trust in her, she will deliver. She designed a website for me that was beyond my expectations in function and aesthetics. I look forward to working with her again.”

– Steve Light, Children’s Book Illustrator,

 Abundance of knowledge in the digital world…

“I just opened my new site, and it looks amazing THANK YOU so much! What an incredible job you have done. It really feels like me and my work looks so wonderful. I can’t wait to hear the responses that I get. I am so grateful and appreciative to you, you have done so much for me on this site and have been an invaluable art confidant throughout the process. You have an abundance of knowledge and a generous spirit. I am so looking forward to learning how to manage the site. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

– Heidi Lanino Bilezikian, Artist and Teacher, Fine Art for Kids


“Jacque opens people up to what they already have, but aren’t seeing for themselves. Like a flower opening–revealing. They possess something and Jacque shows them that. Inspiring. She helps them find their voice, authentic to who they are, make them aware of their own value. Jacque is like a guide helping people on their journey, creating a forward momentum together.”

– Jeanine Bardo, Artist, The Stand Project