Content marketing is everything you create and share to tell your story. The common thread to creating effective content is finding the gems within a subject that will connect with people in a way they remember and keep them engaged. The projects below features different types of content creation.

Essays on the Creative Process

A Land Good for Dreaming is a site that seeks to share with the world what goes on in an artist mind while creating. From the about page: “I want to tap into the creative process and try to ‘see’ it—stop it in its tracks and peek behind the curtain. My attempt to write about this magical, invisible process and all the tiny miracles that emerge from it, is my way of catching a glimpse of the mystery.”

CONTENT EXCERPT: The not quite poetic other world

I collect ideas and feelings. I document them to keep them safe and alive. The best ones are the ones that seem part of a bigger picture and are accompanied by the urge to express. The only problem is the ideas come in fragments and the feelings without words. The hope is they come together as something whole and tangible, that somehow my brain connects the ideas and feelings and something expressible emerges. However, sometimes months or years pass before the pieces come together, so in my collection they wait.


CONTENT EXCERPT: Under the surface and the artists consciousness

A painting is a record of the artists consciousness. Accumulated moments of process fuse together and when complete, form a record of experience.The painting becomes a map of time spent, recognizable only to the painter. It’s not like a photo that captures an instant, but more like a series of actions documented in visual language. As time passes and we look back on our work, we can see how our consciousness has evolved and sometimes even the meaning of our paintings.


CONTENT EXCERPT: Portals, entry to another dimension

I love portals. Invisible doorways, gates, entrances to another space of being. Portals in art lead me from one state of mind to a richer more expanded state of mind and to a different mode of creation. Portals are not ideas but a form of experience. They emerge and magically reveal themselves, then create a sudden change in your reality. I like to think of the world as being made of invisible dimensions.



Illustrated Book: A doctor with an unusual specialty wants to raise his profile within his field

Michael Abrahams, MD wanted something unique to promote his specialty beyond his website. Coincidentally, while working on his site, I had a significant medical journey with him as my doctor which I documented through drawings. The drawings were personal and poetic and described the patient experience. I had the idea that the images could be enhanced by Dr. Abrahams describing what was happening clinically in each picture. He agreed and our book was born. Once complete, we will launch a website and create an exhibition for the drawings. We hope this book will help women with similar situations and will also help doctors understand the patient’s perspective. Phase two of the project will include interviewing women who are in similar medical situations.

An illustration for the book

The book in process

Initial ideas and pagination were posted on an idea wall

Promotion for an Art Program: Video, Promotional Event, and Blog

“Do Art! is a class that seeks to inspire creativity, experimentation and discovery, to recognize the unique talent of each student, to keep art flowing, and to follow and uncover the student’s natural expression. It is not a class about being shown a way of doing art but discovering your own way.”

Video of a workshop

Bay Ridge Children’s Arts Festival

The Bay Ridge Children’s Arts Festival was created in collaboration with the Bay Ridge Children’s Chorus to promote Do Art (while giving back to the community). Children’s book author and storyteller Steve Light was invited to present. Over 500+ children and adults attended the festival.



CONTENT EXCERPT: An interview with a tiny artist

This is an except from an interview with an 6 year old student. The idea of Do Art is to teach kids as if they were as important as an adult artist.

Alice is an amazing artist. When you walk into her home the first thing you see is a masterpiece on her dining room table. “It’s here all the time. I can’t move anything even an inch or she notices!” said Alice’s mom. Alice is 6 years old and is an installation artist, among other things. When she was in residency this summer (Do Art Summer Art Camp), she especially loved the “junk garden” we created. A junk garden is a large collection of ‘up-cyclable’ objects, or anything you might normally throw out that can be used again to make something new. When Ethan, age 9, saw Alice’s art he exclaimed “That is so cool! I love it SOOO much!”