Questions: SEO, Content Marketing and Testimonials

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New clients often have a lot of questions. The following emails exchange between Image Swim and Michael Abrahams, MD gives you an idea of how we might answer some of those questions. 

Question from Client: 

“I need to know how much traffic there is for the url I purchased “menopause specialist”, to determine how much I should put into it. No?”

Answer from Image Swim:

“Here’s how I would approach the site. You can’t get locked into the idea of only “menopause specialist”. I do think it’s great that you own that url and it could certainly help your SEO. But are woman going to actually search for that? That’s where a keyword tool from Moz or Google could help. And that’s the beauty and mystery of getting web traffic…we just don’t know. It’s trial and error, research and leg work.

SEO is a work in progress. It’s a relatively new field and there are people out there who only do that. I implement SEO consideration into the web development but it’s not my specialty. I will teach you the basics and give you reference if you want to tackle it. I provide basic SEO services which I can define for you, but what we really focus on is creating messaging and content that communicates you, your services and your brand.We will brainstorm keywords to make it easy for Google to find you. Then we make it sing with unique and beautiful graphics (visual identity). 

You need to write content for your site that would take into consideration all the things a woman having issues with hormones or menopause might search for (this is your target audience as we will define further when your Creative and Content Marketing Tool is complete). 

“Menopause specialist” may or may not be something woman search for, but it does give you a niche keyword, meaning–woman may need you because they are searching “relief from hot flashes” but that keyword will go to a lot of other sites before it goes to you if it is popular, especially any drug site that offers a hot flash product. You may want to try to catch the 100 woman who are googling “menopause specialist” vs the 10,000 who are searching for “relief from hot flashes” for example. It’s a bit of an art, not so much a science. 

You might have content on your site that answers why woman would want a menopause specialist, what you offer in connection to that, why should they trust you, why are you different. You have a niche market with “menopause specialist” so you need to explain it.

Here’s how I see it: you figure out what it is you want to do, be, who you are…you put up front what is your best and biggest selling point…why they should come to you and not someone else…you figure out what you want to communicate…

…and you communicate it clearly and the look and feel of the site work in harmony with this communication.”

Hope that helps! Anymore questions please contact me.

Best, Jacqueline

Question from Client:

“I would hope to generate enough traffic so as to make me valuable as a link to other web sites as well. Then I could generate patients and credibility. Is this worthwhile goal? What about ads?

Are testimonials valuable in your mind. I have some patients who have written me very good testimonials?”

Answer from Image Swim:

You are saying you want to be valuable to other sites…that means you need good content. It’s called content marketing. I think you mentioned a blog? Is it your intention to write ongoing articles for a blog/news? That would be a really, really good thing to do. 

Google (and other search engines) love content and sites that are generating new content frequently. When other sites link to you that is called a link building and that too, is very valuable to Google.

From what I am gathering, this site is looking different in my mind from the first time we spoke. I need to get clear on what it is you want it to be. Do you have any sites you like that actually do what it is you want to do?

As for ads…Ads for a doctor site could be tricky. I would have to do research to see if anyone is doing this in a way where they still look reputable and professional. I am not sure.

To write for web and make money at it takes A LOT of work and discipline. I have had clients be really excited about doing a blog and then they see how much work it is and stop. I have a blog and it is my goal to post once a month (my articles are complex as yours might be). I don’t always end up posting as much as I would like because it takes me a lot of time to write my articles, but, I am very passionate about it and want to eventually turn it into a book. If you think of it this way it helps. You can use your blog to collect articles your write that you could eventually turn into a book, then the blog becomes a kind of working depository and there is a big picture thought behind it to keep you motivated.

I would not have ads be your focus unless you want to be a full time writer. Just focus on writing content that expresses your knowledge, passion, expertise, and credibility. This is what they call “organic”. And organic content is often the best content.

You also establish credibility from your credentials you know, and you have excellent credentials.

As for testimonials, I think testimonials are very valuable. My acupuncturist just asked me to write her one (she gets a lot of her clients from Yelp). On the Image Swim site, I even list full names and professions so visitors know they are real. I don’t think you could list names due to the nature of your profession.

Are you concerned with Yelp or other review sites? Sometimes patients leave not so great reviews for doctors on Yelp and elsewhere as I am sure you know. Often with doctors, patients review on personality and that isn’t quite fair. Knowing that patients have written good reviews can counter the not so good ones, so yes testimonials are valuable. I mention Yelp because it comes up first in a lot of keyword searches. It is by far the most popular, maybe not so much with doctors but it’s a good example. I see you are on other review sites like Health Grades, ZocDoc and Vitals so that is great.

Hope this helps! Looking forward to working with you Dr. Abrahams!”

Best, Jacqueline